What should be shredded?
Anything that may include a social security number, an account number, privileged or confidential information, HIPPA-sensitive information, corporate strategies or budgets, personnel records, client records, medical records, etc. Actually, anything that you or your customers would not want anyone else to see should be securely destroyed.

Why shouldn’t I just recycle my documents or put them in the trash?
Once documents are in the trash or recycling stream, it becomes public property; and anyone can access the information. There is no security or chain of custody for these materials. Recyclers of unshredded materials frequently broker them to other industries and even other countries. You have no way of knowing what is happening to your waste and the sensitive information that it contains.

FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) became effective for compliance on June 1, 2005. According to FACTA, any person who maintains records is required to dispose of consumer information. “Reasonable” measures such as incineration, pulverizing or shredding should be taken to destroy sensitive documents. At the federal level, HIPPA (Healthcare) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Financial) require specific physical safeguards, such as shredding, to meet FACTA compliance.

Why should we use your shredding service instead of using our own in-house shredders?
Money and security! Using your employees to shred paper is a waste of time and money. Plus, they are noisy and can create a mess. Companies exist that specialize in the reconstruction of shredded paper. Unless your shredded documents are either pulped or incinerated, they are not completely destroyed.

Why is the NAID AAA-Certification important?
The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the organization that monitors standards of security and ethics for the shredding industry. On the NAID web site: www.naidonline.org you can search for companies that are member companies and certified companies. Certified companies are those that have been audited by NAID and have passed the audit. NAID conducts “surprise” audits throughout the year to make sure companies that they previously authorized to use the NAID Certificate Seal are still in compliance. Opportunity, Inc. passed their NAID certification for the off-site facility based shredding operation in October, 2005.

I am part of a national company – can your organization provide me with national coverage?
Opportunity Secure Data Destruction is part of a national group of document destruction companies. The name of the organization is: Secure Document Alliance (SDA). All SDA companies are mission based not-for-profit organizations. All SDA members are NAID AAA-Certified. The alliance allows us to bid on and win national deals while giving our customers the opportunity to contribute to their communities while receiving superior service. For more information on SDA, go to: www.securedocumentalliance.org.

What about paper clips, staples, etc?
There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or other fastening devices. Our industrial equipment will destroy them. File folders, binders, and even ACCO® fasteners are all acceptable.

How are the documents transported to Opportunity’s secure destruction facility?
We will provide your business with lockable security containers. Container volume and model will be customized to fit the needs of your business. The supervisor in charge of document destruction at your company will have sole access to these containers. An Opportunity employee will either bring replacement bag inserts for the console container, or bring replacement containers for the 64 & 96 gallon and Gaylord containers.

Documents are transported on routine trucking routes from your business to our secure shredding facility. These trucks are locked at all times.

How do I know all of my materials have been destroyed?
OSDD off-site facility maintains a strict chain of custody, and provides you with a “Certificate of Destruction” after your materials have been destroyed. Our procedures have been audited and approved by NAID. Our camera coverage of your material is complete from the time that the truck reaches our dock until the time that your sensitive documents are baled. We keep the digital recordings for 90 days which may be requested for review.

How does giving my business to Opportunity stimulate jobs for persons with disabilities?
When you choose Opportunity Secure Data Destruction, you are choosing a premier provider of mobile and off-site facility-based shredding. You are also choosing a company with a mission to provide as many jobs as possible for persons with disabilities.

Our off-site facility-based shredding operation provides jobs for our employees with disabilities. Our employees are able to remove documents from metal bindings and plastic binders. They also sort grades of paper to maximize recycling. Sorting aids in your security as your documents are co-mingled with other population paper as it is being shredded and baled prior to being pulped.


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