Document ShredderOpportunity Secure Data Destruction will perform your document shredding at our secure, monitored facility. From pickup at your location to final pulping of your shredded documents, your documents will be secured.

Customer Service Focus – We at OSDD believe that our customers are part of our business family and true partners with our mission. We know that the needs of every customer are different. We will work to ensure that your needs are met!

Purges & Container Service – OSDD welcomes all business for paper secure destruction! We have one-time customers who need to purge documents as well as customers with ongoing scheduled service.

Non-Paper Media Destruction – OSDD securely destroys non-paper media in addition to paper. We destroy CD’s, DVD’s, floppy’s, hard drives, x-rays, fiche, film, audio and video tapes.

Shredded DocumentsCompetitive & Flexible Pricing – We customize our pricing structure to meet your individual requirements. It is our goal to always offer a competitive price. Some customers pay by the bin, some by the pound. We can price our services either way.

Timely & Complete Service – OSDD offers prearranged or on-demand pick-ups for documents and media, such as CD’s/DVD.

Secure Chain of Custody – Digital film clips of your documents – from the time they are received into our secure facility to the time they are removed as part of a co-mingled bale to be pulped and recycled – are kept for ninety (90) days.

Choices of Containers – OSDD has attractive locked consoles, 64 gallon containers, 96 gallon containers and Gaylords for your use. You don’t even need to remove the binders, paper clips, rubber bands or staples from your sensitive documents.

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